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The Dragon Boat Festival


The dragon boat festival is the one of the four traditional festivals in China. It's said that have a patriotic poet jumped into the river due to can not bear to see the country was invaded. His name is Quyuan, a pure patriot.


Many years later, people set the day when Qu Yuan jumped into the river as the Dragon Boat festival to commemorate him. Moreover, people will throw some rice roll into the river to prevent him from being eaten by fish. These rice rolls were called zongzi, which is the food we eat to celebrate dragon boat festival now. In addition, Dragon boat racing is an indispensable part of the festival, held all over the country.


There are different customs in other place, such as drinking realgar wine and hanging the branches of moxa. Chinese culture is profound because of these traditional festivals, we would happy to share our culture and customs with you. Last of all, wish you peace and health on dragon boat festival.