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What would you do with damage surgical instruments?


Heard some customers say that if there are damage surgical instruments, they will be stored and thrown away in large quantities. Is there any other better way to deal with damage surgical instruments?

Let me introduce repair service by JDP Medical for surgical instruments.

1.JDP undertakes surgical instruments repairs that many people and repair companies don't want to touch.

2.Few companies have such a strong experience in surgical instrument repair.

3.The surgical instrument engineers have rich experience.

4.Sufficient repair parts for surgical instruments.

Let me talk about our specific process of repairing surgical instruments.

Under normal circumstances, after the engineer gets the damage surgical instruments, engineer can judge the damage part with the naked eye, and then give the solution and quotation to customers.

General surgical scissors, ultrasonic scissors, can be divided into two types of faults, the scissors head and the handle. If the accessories of the surgical scissors are missing, we can also repair them.

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Many customers will send broken surgical instruments for repair. There should be the following reasons:

1. JDP can repair it.

2. The repair price is cheaper than the original factory.

3. The repair price is much cheaper than buying a new or used equipment.

4. We have engineers with many years of repair experience. JDP can repair more than 90% of surgical instruments.

In addition, we can also repair the ultrasonic scissors and hp054 and hpblue handle, As for the hp054 and hpblue handle, there are two types of faults, one is appearance failure, the other is not enough times to use.

The HP054 handle can be swiped up to 95 times and unlimited times to use.


The HPblue handle can be swiped up to 100 times.


The above surgical scissors, ultrasonic scissors, and Ethicon handle are all included in the scope of surgical instruments.

If friends and customers are interested in the above equipments or need to repair, please don't hesitate to contact: info@jdpmedical.com

JDP will give you the best service and solution. JDP wants to help you expand your business, grow and progress together.