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Why the replacement of the probe lens needs technical requirements?


More and more customers buy probe lens from us and try to replace by themselves.

We would like to provide the good parts and technical support to meet customers requirement. But replace probe lens require some technology, not as simple as it looks.

Here attached some photos of replacing probe lens by customers.

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This may affect the price of second sale and affect the sense of use by doctors and patients.

JDP repair cases of replacing probe lens for your reference.

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What else can we do for customers?

1. Ultrasound probe repair training for 2D, 3D/4D, TEE probe.

2. Repair service for ultrasound probe.

You can pack all the probes with lens problem together and then send us, we will pack all the probes with quality packaging and services shipped after repairing.

3. Spare parts in excellent quality to meet your demands.

Anyway, if anything helpful we can do for you in ultrasound probe, pls feel free to contact info@jdpmedical.com.