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JDP Medical Technology Members’ Physical Examination


Recently, JDP medical organized an annual physical examination for mumbers to change our lifestyles by checking our own physical problems.,and we think this is a very important activity.

First,we are working about the medical industry,so JDP companys basic culture is Careing for the health of JDP mumbers,its a kind of special care.

Second,company organized could improve mumbers work efficiency and positivity,fighting go teghter.

Third,effectively prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases,and control infectious diseases,by the way,we also still prevent COVID-19,protect ourselves.

Finally,its an opportunity to understand everyone health condition,unhealth member,we should take more care of them,so as not to hurt by unknown work series.

Fortunately,most of the JDP members have some primary health problems, and a few body is really fine,so we should keep these habits.

1 Have a reasonable and balanced eating diet

2 Pay attention to exercise

3Smoking and drinking less, regular work and rest

4Be healthy and learn to regulate ourself,be relaxed,find soul