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What shall you do if your Harmonic® HP054 is with Zero Usage Time?


Are you looking for repair service of Harmonic HP054 Handpiece and its compatible Tissue Sealer as well as its spare parts? This article will be a helping hand for you.

Introduction of JOHNSON Harmonic® HP054:

Product Name: Harmonic ETHICON HP054 Endo-Surgical Handpiece

Product Category: Energy Sealing and Dissecting

Product Group: Ultrasonic Devices

For Sale of Harmonic HP054 Device Image:



(For Sale ETHICON HP054 Strain Relief Plastic Cable Cover)

Repair Service of Renew Usage Data:

It is 95 times in Original usage time. During user normal use it is common to be no usage time of the HP054 hand Piece. Is it possible to reset & renew it to Original Number of usage time? As you send your ETHICON HP054 to us our engineer can help you.

Additional Specifications:

This HP054 hand piece is compatible with HAR23, HAR36, HARH23, HARH36, HARH45, HBCO5, HC325, HDH05.

JDP also offer these above Used Original Tissue Sealers to satisfy customer’s needs. Besides, we supply related spare parts such as insulating strips, ultrasonic scissors core etc. depend on models & series of your Tissue Sealer.


(For Sale ETHICON Har36 & Ultrasonic Scissors Core)


(For Sale ETHICON HAR23 Insulating strip & Insulating Strips)

If you need to repair service besides ultrasound equipment i.e. dynamical & surgical also welcome to contact us: