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JDP's carnival for the dragon boat festival


Under the general situation of epidemic prevention, large-scale event were not be allowed, so that our leaders decided to hold an activity that makes zongzi in the office, which is the traditional food for the dragon boat festival. The activity day would be on 31st May, every colleagues were willing to participate actively. On that day, we all had great fun and it is an unforgettable experience among us.

We made lots of ready for the activity to be done smoothly. First of all, we need to prepare all the ingredients and soak them before the day. In the second, mix all the rice and beans as well as seasoning. After the completion of the above steps, we can start to make zongzi, roll the cleaned leaves up into a cone and put rice into and wrap them up then tied with rope. In the end, put the zongzi in the pressure cooker that we've prepared in advance to boil about 2 hours. It was evening when finished the part of making zongzi, then we had hot pot in the office.


In conclusion, we made the tasty zongzi share with each other. We all enjoy a great day among teammates and family members in our company. This is a warm and traditional festival that make our relationship bonding much more stronger after this event. We hope that this happiness will be shared with all friends who are in front of the screen. Wish you have a peace and health Dragon Boat Festival!