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Common Daily Maintenance for Ultrasound & JDP Repair Cases of Ultrasound probe

Author:Alva P

With the rapid development of science & technology and the continuous improvement of hospital diagnosis and treatment quality,
ultrasound equipment become used in a high frequency and commonly nowadays. So how to ensure the ultrasonic equipment is in normal operation, stable performance and prolong service life has become an important topic.   

There are some suggestions for user and remind that we are provide professional and reliable repair service about ultrasound transducer.   

Little tips for Routine Maintenance of Ultrasound:

  • Avoid direct sunlight & must work and store in dry working condition.

  • Ultrasonic probe is a fragile parts must handle with care, do not fall it down otherwise it will damage the probe.

  • The probe must be wipe & clean by tissue after every use. Since the glue on the probe is corrosive so poor maintenance will shorten the service life of the probe.

  • Pay attention to the ventilation of the ultrasound and check the ventilation and filtration unit of machine monthly to avoid overheating and burn the machine.

In general, it is failure of ultrasonic probe has the following several situation after certain usage time:
E.g. probe working face or appearance cracking, internal bubbling, decreased sensitivity, local image defects, cable cracking or disconnection, poor plug contact, etc.

JDP can help you... You can send your fault ultrasound transducers to us.        

JDP Repair Case of Philips S5-2:

The eight pictures above shows the actual repair case of JDP repair service
for Philips S5-2 by JDP ‘s engineer. The technique of replace of new probe lens, strain relief, housing and cable accordingly . All these repair are in good consequence. It is more cost- effective to repair all these parts rather than buy a whole new one of ultrasound equipment. To compare the result of before & After repair is satisfied by many clients that report to us. They reflect that the efficiency & compatibility is working in good condition. Please have a check and reference.       

If you need to repair service besides of ultrasound equipment i.e. dynamical & surgical also welcome to contact us: