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JDP Medical Technology Members’ Medical Check-ups


In order to change the lifestyle by checking our own physical problems, JDP medical organized an annual medical check-ups just a few days ago. Of course, it was a rare opportunity to know our physical condition.

First,the medical industry is our working direction, Caring for the health of JDP members is JDP medical’s basic culture, more JDP medical achievements are only supported by our health.

Second, We can improve our work efficiency and positivity by the checks-ups, reduce the impact of sick leave on work.

Third, prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases effectively, and control infectious diseases. By the way, the check-ups helps us to prevent COVID-19, especially recent international situation.

Finally, it’s necessary that inquire about everyone health condition, as for unhealthy members, take more care of them so as not to hurt by unknown work category is our duty.

Fortunately,most of the JDP members only have some primary health problems, and a few condition is really fine,so we should keep these habits.

1 Keeping a balanced diet, having a reasonable plan about diet

2 Pay attention to doing more exercise, strengthen the body by appropriate exercise

3 Smoking and drinking less, regular work and rest

4 Be relaxed,find soul,learn to activity adjust our mind