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Why is Philips c5-1 more expensive than conventional Philips c5-2

Author:AlvaSource:philips websiteLink:http://www.jdpmedical.com

Compared with conventional material, single crystal material has:

1. High energy conversion rate from electrical to sound energy.

2. Strong image penetration.

3. Image uniformity is strong.

4. Able to obtain wider band images.

5. Can be used for a large number of patients and long-term diagnosis to obtain clear clinical images with higher resolution and contrast.

Compared with conventional materials, the technology of single crystal probes has:

1. Material cost is expensive

2. High technical requirements.

3. Complex manufacturing process.

4. High quality control requirements in the manufacturing process etc.

The materials of Philips C5-1 probe is single crystal material, Philips C5-2 probe is conventional material.

That's why Philips C5-1 probe is more expensive than Philips C5-2 probe?

Please check the following pictures with same color from philips website.



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