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Daily Work Of Packing


Daily Work Of Packing

Customers of JDP are from around the world, so we need to pay more attention on the packing because of the long distance transportation. I wonder if you are ever curious in which kinds of package you will received? Today, I will take the endoscope for repair and spare parts for sale for example to let you know how to pack in different products.

First of all, the endoscope we received from the customers are often divided into two situation. One is with the professional and safe package by customers, we will keep the package to return the same way after repairing. The other is without professional package, we usually pack it in our way, please see the pictures below.

  • Situation 1

  • Situation 2

By the way, we have new and professional package for the repaired rigid endoscope, as the below pictures shown.

Second, as everybody knows we are provider of the medical accessories, so we have lots of experience to pack them to avoid damage during transportation in the greatest extent possible. Here takes the CCD for example, please see the pic below

Well, the above is the daily routine of JDP packing goods, and if you want to know more, welcome to contact us.