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New year's fun of 2022


As is known to all, the spring festival is the most important festival for Chinese. Most enterprises will have a holiday ranging from 3 to 15 days in order to celebrate such a vital day. Many people worked at big city will be back to hometown, gathering with family.


Generally, the company will hold a New Year's Eve dinner to appreciate the employees who have worked hard for a year has passed. There is an essential cuisine for New year’s eve dinner in our country, it is fish, which symbolizes every year have enough money to save. A few moments later, the company leader made a simple year-end summary to encourage us and look forward to the future. The next exciting part was year-end bonus, which was the happiest thing for us, it mean the works we done is worthy.


In addition, May all staff of JDP work together and make progress together, unite with one heart and one mind, and create brilliant future in the new year!