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Welcome the Indian customers to visit JDP Medical!


Welcome the Indian customers to visit JDP Medical!

Recently, the CMEF exhibition in Shenzhen was in full swing, our Indian customers came to our company for a site visit after visiting the exhibition. Excellent products and services, rich and professional experience in maintenance are the important reasons that attracted the customers to visit us this time.

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Our company’s foreign trade manager warmly received the guests who came from afar. Accompanied by the relevant staff, the Indian customers visited the company's engineers' working environment, maintenance sites and professional maintenance equipment, such as flexible endoscope, dynamical system,camera systems and so on.

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During the visit, the manager introduced the repair training business in detail and made detailed answers to all kinds of questions raised by the customers. The companys exquisite repair technology and experienced engineers also left a deep impression on the customers, at the same time, the customers expressed strong interest in the professional maintenance tools and accessories provided by the company. Finally, the customers had intense intention of our repair training business, and intended to arrange for engineers to come over for maintenance training on several items after return.We look forward to a further extension of pleasant business relations.

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JDP has a solid technical strength, rich experience in maintenance, complete the testing equipment, spare parts of adequate, professional technical services. We welcome friends from all over the world who are interested in our products and services to visit JDP!